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Lanyards are commonly part of a person’s outfit in the office or in school. Although most commonly known as an ID lace, a lanyard is defined as a cord worn around the neck with a purpose of holding or suspending something, mostly identification cards or keys. Because of their many uses, lanyards are now personalized according to the place where they are being worn. To give you an idea where these custom lanyards are usually seen, here are six examples:

1. Schools

Custom LanyardsStudents, as well as teachers, wear their IDs with their school’s lanyards. Their lanyards are usually in their school’s colors and are designed with the school’s name and logo. Most schools prefer to have their lanyards in polyester material because aside from being known to be durable, it is not as expensive as other materials. For attachments, lanyards are ordinarily latched on the IDs through key rings, lobster claw hooks, or J-hooks.

Students are also required to wear their lanyards whenever they are out of their school premises for an educational purpose, such as field trips. These lanyards greatly help teachers and school administrators to identify their students in heavily-populated areas.

2. Offices

Most employers today no longer require their employees to wear IDs using clips attached to their pockets. Now, company IDs or badges are worn with custom lanyards. These lanyards come in simple designs, usually having the company name and logo printed or woven onto them.

Companies usually use woven or polyester material when having their lanyards personalized. Polyester is always a good choice because it is proven to be durable. Still, woven material is also a great alternative because aside from its sophisticated design, it is also advisable for making lanyards which are going to have lots of text. Badge reels, bulldog clips, and badge holders are ordinary attachments added to company lanyards.

3. Events or Conventions

Whenever there is a conference being held, lanyards are normally given to participants, together with their event IDs. Organizers then are required to have custom lanyards made for that specific convention.

Nylon, polyester, and tubular are materials most commonly used in making lanyards for organized events. Because of the temporary nature of these occasions, organizers have considered tubular lanyards because they are very affordable and yet they provide a professional look. For attachments, lobster claws, J-hooks, or bulldog clips are often added to event lanyards.

It is also considered necessary to have lanyards during these occasions because it would be very difficult to track the attendees, considering the hundreds of people that flock said event. To successfully distinguish which among these people are the official attendees, it is a must that these lanyards are made in unique and striking colors or designs.

4. Sports Events

In sports events, coaches and the players can sometimes be seen wearing lanyards. However, the ones who most commonly wear these are fans. During their team’s games, the fans also wear lanyards to showcase their support and boost team spirit. Usually designed in their team colors, these custom lanyards are printed or woven with the team name and logo. However, there are some lanyards which also have mascot images and the team’s slogan.

For these kinds of events, polyester, tubular or cord lanyards are chosen. Meanwhile, key rings, j-hooks or lobster claws are the ones considered as usual attachments for these lanyards.

5. Big Parties or Reunions

Reunions usually mean that there are a lot of people in the area which you may or may not know or remember. It is very normal for people to have a hard time recognizing a face or remembering a name during these events. Thus, party organizers have deemed it necessary to require attendees to wear name tags or simple IDs. And because not all clothing materials go well with stick-on name tags, using IDs with lanyards is the wiser option.

Custom lanyards for reunions are usually in polyester or tubular style. However, some organizers also choose woven lanyards because of their elegant design. Both the school’s name and the graduation year are usually printed on these lanyards. Aside from being used as ID holders, these lanyards are also good souvenirs and giveaways.

Without a doubt, these cords can be used in all kinds of ways, proving that they’re more than mere accessories.

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The great thing about custom lanyards is that you can customize them to reflect a company or school’s name. They can be made in different colors using a variety of materials.

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Modern electronics products like tablets and mobile phones are very tiny, yet, serve too many functions. Do you ever wonder how they can fit to a very small container? These devices are called surface-mounted devices (SMD). They are created in a PCB assembly line thru Surface-Mount Technology, or SMT.

There are two soldering techniques that can connect SMDs to PCBs. Reflow soldering, though, is the popular choice. This article will discuss the steps, or “zones”, needed to connect the electronics components onto the printed circuit board, by using the reflow soldering technique.

PCB assemblyReflow soldering is a soldering technique that melts a solder alloy to a point that it flows like a liquid. At the start, it uses a sticky mixture of powdered solder and soldering flux. This mixture is used to create a temporary connection between the component pins and PCB pads.

The PCB assembly is then placed to a machine called the reflow oven. The solder paste in the enclosed environment will liquefy. The PCB is then cooled down, to a point that the solder will now solidify, and a permanent joint is now formed.

There are zones that the SMT-type PCB will undergo in order to complete the reflow process. These are preheat, thermal soak, reflow and cooling zone.

Preheat zone

The preheat zone is often the most time-consuming of the four zones. It allows the PCB to be heated to a specific temperature. The ramp-rate is established here. This rate determines whether the change in temperature is too fast for the PCB to experience thermal shock. A thermal shock must be prevented because it can create cracks in the board. These cracks can damage the board and render it useless.

The solder that was applied before this zone could spatter if the ramp-rate is too hasty. Preheating is done once the paste’s solvent starts to evaporate.

Thermal soak zone

This zone runs between 1 and 2 minutes. It is tasked to remove solder pastes and to activate the flux. The reduction of oxygen within the joints to be soldered will also start here.

The temperature in this zone should also be regulated. Too much heat may cause the solder to spatter. Change of the copper surface’s color may also happen. The paste may also evaporate vigorously.

Too little heat may also mean ineffective flux activation. A flux that is not activated may not “glue” the components together. A thermal equilibrium of the entire PCB assembly must first be achieved in order to progress to the reflow zone.

Reflow zone

This zone is concerned on how long it would take to achieve the maximum temperature. “Time above reflow” and “time above liquidus” (TAL) are determined here.

The peak temperature, or the maximum allowable temperature must be from 20 to 40 degrees Celsius above liquidus. In order to determine the limit, search within the PCB assembly for the lowest thermal tolerance among components. This component is the most vulnerable to high temperature. As a standard guideline, 5 degree Centigrade is subtracted from the thermal limit, or maximum temperature, of the component. This value is found on the datasheet of the electrical component.

It is very important monitor the temperature of the oven to keep it from exceeding the limit. Temperatures beyond 260 degrees Centigrade may cause permanent damage to the internal circuitry of SMT components. Temperature that is too low may prevent the adequate reflow.

Cooling zone

This zone is tasked to gradually cool the reflowed board, and to solidify its solder joints. Proper cooling must be done to prevent the formation of unwanted metals, or thermal shock to the board’s components.

Typical cooling temperatures are between 30 and 100 degrees Celsius. A faster cooling rate is suggested than a gradual cool down. This will create a fine-grained solder that is compact and strong.


This article discussed how to start a reflow solder. It discussed the zones that are needed, and the basic conditions needed to reflow properly. Reflow solder is necessary in the PCB assembly of SMT components. Always keep in mind that SMT is the future of electronics. It must be understood if you want to plan for your electronics business’ future.

PCB assembly is globally demanded especially by modern device companies, various machines and services.

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According to an online poll, golf is definitely number one on the list of “nine sports for rich people.” Golf is an expensive sport for several reasons. The first reason has to do with the course that golfers play on. A lot of money is spent by golf course developers in making the course as interesting and exciting as possible. Grass needs to be a certain length in different parts of the golf course; water needs to be pumped into ponds and through fountains, sand needs to be continuously raked for a “manicured” appearance, along with almost everything. Furthermore, a lot of money is needed to maintain such artificial conditions.

Discount golf clubsThe second thing that makes golf “only for the wealthy” in the eyes of some is the equipment that is needed to actually play. A golfer’s arsenal is usually composed of golf clubs, golf balls, tees, clothing, and other accessories. This equipment does not come cheap for some. In fact, golf clubs tend to be made of very expensive materials used in the aerospace and automotive industries. These materials make clubs lighter, more durable, and easier to swing. Golf balls too, are intricately designed and engineered with numerous dimples to travel far distances towards the green.

One of the things which normally costs a lot of money in the sport of golf are the golf clubs themselves. These tools are essential in the game because they are responsible for moving a player’s ball from point A to point B with minimal effort. Also, the less swings one has in the game of golf, the higher his or her score will be. With this purpose in mind, golf clubs can be quite pricey to the average golf enthusiast. Their composition of different materials for the purpose of making them lighter, more durable, and easier to swing makes them more expensive than other sporting equipment.

Some of these materials are indeed pricey due to their many applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. As such, those who are passionate about playing golf and want to play the game may have a difficult time affording a quality set of golf clubs to start out with. Fortunately however, there are many golf shops which sell discount golf clubs for those who want to get into the game of golf. These cheaper golf clubs are the perfect option because they are more affordable than the latest golf clubs in the market.

Someone who is only beginning to become interested in the game of golf and wants to avoid spending a large chunk of his or her earnings on a piece of equipment that he or she might not even continuously use, should consider purchasing discount golf clubs from golf shops. This will enable the novice golfer to get a feel for the game with affordable equipment, while feeling at ease that they have not had to spend a great deal of money. Furthermore, as he or she progresses and his or her interest in the sport grows, then he or she may eventually be able to shift from using discount golf clubs to more high-end golf clubs or even custom-made golf clubs such as those used in the professional circuit.

Discount golf clubs are indeed a wise choice for new players who are not entirely sure if the game of golf is for them or not. These clubs are not only widely available and found online, but they also come at very affordable prices. Furthermore, these clubs usually are of good quality, and as such may even be a long lasting investment for the beginning golfer.

Along with this equipment, clothing may also tend to be a bit pricey considering most golf courses have a dress code and do not allow simple jeans and t-shirts to be worn by players. Having stated these reasons, golf is definitely a sport that requires a large initial investment in order to get started.

Discount golf clubs are indeed a wise choice for new players who are not entirely sure if the game of golf is for them or not.

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“Do the superiors have the ability to influence their decisions and implement some control on how the employees’ roles should be done?” This employee engagement survey question signifies how serious the superiors are in keeping their employees in line. If the response to this question is generally negative, there is something wrong with the superiors themselves. The higher-ups are slackers, “servant leaders” with no real vision at all, or employees who are just in for the higher salaries.

“Does the workplace implement flexibility?”

Employee engagement surveyThis employee engagement survey question is the determining factor in how one thing can be accomplished with many methods as well as how the workplace is arranged. The superiors must have a trait of silk hiding steel – that is, being considerate to the traits of their employees while still maintaining some strictness in terms of company policies. After all, there will be some employees who will exploit flexibility to cheat.

“Does the company accommodate your personal needs?”

After all, employees are human and are different in their own little ways. If the employee is a person with a disability, the workplace must be modified to accommodate that person’s special needs. If the employee does not want too much noise while working, the manager can assign him to a work cubicle that is far away from common meeting areas such as lounges.

“Do fellow employees embody the very concept of teamwork?”

No man is an island, especially in a company where both leaders and employees are expected to work together as one unified machine. If the employee engagement survey reflects low teamwork, the management should take a day or two off from work and organize a team building event to sort out lone wolves who are only after their self-interest.

“Do you feel motivated to come to the office or field every working day?”

While there are policies that reward perfect attendance and punctuality, the superiors must know if the employee who keeps a perfect attendance record does it because he or she is motivated to do an excellent job, or he or she is just in for the reward. They may not read the mind of the employee, but they can certainly read what is on his or her face. If the employee confesses that he or she keeps a perfect attendance record since he or she wants to escape family problems back at home, the superiors must encourage him or her to resolve that family problem by taking a day off to consult a family counselor.

“Do you trust whatever is given to you?”

No successful workplace is built on lies and deceit. If the employee engagement survey signifies that employees do not have trust and confidence in the information that is being handed down to them, they will not just perform their tasks poorly, but will be highly suspect about their superiors’ true colors. Honesty, as well as open dialogues, is the key for the employees to place full trust and confidence in the information being bequeathed to them.

Many employees will more often than not answer yes to these questions, but the answer of “no” will reveal the employee’s true thoughts and feelings about their jobs, their fellow workers, their managers and executives, their company as a whole, and themselves as individuals. As employee engagement is more of a psychologically-related human resources concern, everyone involved must act on those hidden depths before the employees resign en masse and leave the company in shambles. Companies come and go not just because of economic reasons; but also because of its employees who have no sense of direction in their lives, as if they are heading for the void of retirement.

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Lanyards made for IDs are very frequent and can be seen and bought in department stores, craft shops and school supplies stores. But for those who want to have a more resourceful and creative lanyard with a personal touch, ID lanyards can be made by hand.

Here’s a guide to some “do it yourself” ID lanyards:

1.Shoelace Lanyard.

ID LanyardsThe function of shoe laces can extend from feet to neck. Yes, shoelaces can be used as a string for your lanyard. These can be recycled from an old shoe or can be bought at a cheap price. What you’ll need are: scissors, key ring, paper fastener, a rubber stamp or sticker and of course, a shoelace. To do this, put the shoelace inside the key ring and balance the aglet (the ends of the shoelace) and tie it.

To its opposite, attach the paper fastener on an estimated small distance from the key ring. If the paper fastener has an enough space to fill, put either a sticker or a stamp for an additional design. Then put the ID card around the key ring. In a matter of minutes, you can have your own ID lanyard!

2.Duct Tape Lanyard.

This type of handmade lanyard involves no tying or sewing. Why? Because sticking is the main concept of the duct tape lanyard. The materials are: duct tape (preferably those of large width), scissors, a small cutter or hobby knife, key ring, and a plastic ID holder (which can be optional). The duct tape is cut to a desired length, but mostly in 36 inches, the standard length of commercial ID lanyards. Then fold one side of the long duct tape backwards and stick it. Do the same for the other side.

As much as possible, air bubbles should be avoided while sticking the tape. When done, cut the excess of each end using the cutter or the hobby knife. Make a loop by meeting the ends and attach them by sticking a small strip of duct tape. Get the key ring and insert another small duct tape strip. Put it together with the now connected ends of the long duct tape. Now that the key ring is hanging, attach the ID holder to the key ring and now you have your own duct tape lanyard!

3.Fabric Lanyard.

Fabric lanyards are made through the use of any excess cloth as long as it reaches your desired length. Take note that these require sewing skills. To create a personalized fabric ID lanyard, the following are needed: a piece of fabric cloth cut in preferred length, sewing scissors, a key ring and a sewing machine (note that if this is not available, sewing by hand can also be done). To start, fold the cloth backwards in half, then sew it, either by hand or by machine. Make sure that both ends of the fabric are not included in sewing.

After doing so, take the one end, which was not sewn, then open and flip it so that the sewn part can be hidden. This is difficult to do, so you can either use any long, slender object by inserting it while you flip, or you can have a wider sewing area for easy flipping. Now you have the front part of the fabric. Make a loop out of it. Meet the both ends of the fabric, then insert the key ring and sew it again. Insert the ID card on the key ring. Now you have your own fabric lanyard!

A sense of creativeness can be shown through personalized items. It will not only bring out talent, but also the uniqueness of one’s mind. And maybe the key in bringing out this skill is through a simple creation of ID lanyards by hand!

Living in a Garden City real estate: attractions and places to see

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Jan 222015

Garden City has been known by many as the Wall Street of Long Island, for a lot of reasons. No walls surround the village, but someone will know when they have reached inner Garden City. The village is covered with lush green lawns, tree-line streets where curbside parking is prohibited, and beautiful homes. There are strict rules enforced in the village to ensure the safety of its residents, such as zoning restrictions which keep commercial and institutional buildings low in scale, and curfews.

Real estateIt is a peaceful community, being the home of less than 23,000 people, having a low crime rate and with almost all of its working population having white-collar jobs. This basically makes Garden City the home of professionals and managers. Incorporated in 1919, this is an old village with a huge love for the arts and education. There are two things that are important to check out once you start living in a Garden City real estate: attractions and places to see.

People who are looking for a Garden City real estate will not be disappointed with the abundance of different types of homes, ranging from ranches to contemporaries. Although only a few of the original Victorian-style homes built by the founder W. Stewart have remained, most builders have not strayed from tradition. Garden City is home to a mix of house styles which include traditionals, split-levels, Victorians, colonials and Tudors.

Houses also range from single-family homes to apartments, most of which are located within the suburban areas. Primarily, Garden City is a community of single-family homes, but there are also approximately 775 rental, condominium and co-op apartments located in the village. Rentals could cost as much as $1,400 a month for a two-bedroom apartment. Later this year, construction on a 316-unit condominium next to the Garden City hotel will commence, meaning there will be a large new availability of homes in the area.

There are a lot of places to visit in Garden City as well. The village has fine restaurants, specialty stores and even its own Sony IMAX movie theater. Its largest shopping center is Roosevelt Field and the Mall at The Source. There are also museums located in the village. This includes the Long Island Children’s Museum and the Cradle of Aviation, attractions that could be enjoyed by residents. These locations are near every Garden City real estate.

Living in a Garden City real estate also makes it possible for you to visit local parks, including the Eisenhower Park, as well as town beaches on the Great South Bay area. Garden City also has community events where all residents are encouraged to join in, such as the Fall Festival, Summer Gazebo Concerts and Street Fairs.

One of Garden City’s most well-known landmarks is the Cathedral of the Incarnation, built by Cornelia Stewart, which is the village founder’s wife. The church has more than seventy beautiful stained-glass windows. Churches in the village also operate two separate boys’ and girls’ schools, St. Paul’s and St. Mary’s. Other private schools include St. Anne’s and St. Joseph’s, both of which are Roman Catholic institutions, as well as the non-sectarian Waldorf School.

As a village supporting the arts, education and community-building, Garden City has made a name for itself as a great place to build memories and everlasting bonds with friends.

Poised to be the fastest growing Garden City Real Estate company in Nassau & Suffolk Counties.

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Aside from the challenge coins themselves, one thing that the audience waits for in the act of handing over the coins is the ‘secret handshake’. This ritual – that seems to start and end as fast as a bullet – is done in others’ presence, always in plain sight.

Civilians don’t usually understand initially what’s going on. It might have happened in front of them, but they tend to be clueless and unaware of what actually went on. All they know is there’s a Marine at attention, a stone-faced soldier, a famous politician, or even the President (if you’re lucky enough) who reaches out to shake hands. Just like that, in an instant, the ceremony of handing out challenge coins is all over.

What Goes On During a Handshake

During a handshake, a military tradition of giving out challenge coinscould be held. A small and shiny medallion is found inside the palm of a hand, and will seamlessly end on the other. It somehow feels like giving tips to waiters and passing notes discreetly to friends.

Challenge coinsIt might seem trivial, but to some, this means a lot. In June 2011, Robert Gates (Secretary of Defense) went to Afghanistan’s military bases prior to his retirement. Along the way, he met and shook hands with a lot of men and women who were part of the Armed Forces. The handshake may appear normal to most and only seemingly indicates a sign of respect, but in reality, it was a secret handshake that has a Secretary of Defense challenge coin inside.

A Rare Catch

Not a lot of photographers and media personnel can have the ‘bragging rights’ with regard to the secret handshake. There were some who were lucky enough, though, that they were able to capture these rare moments. After all, it’s both fleeting and elusive; in seconds, the whole encounter is over.

It’s ultimately rare that clear photos will be taken of the encounter, and photojournalists look at immortalizing the exchange as a white whale. Photographers know that the secret handshake will indeed take place, but what’s unsure is the possibility of catching it. After all, it’s really hard to capture a coin as it’s being passed. It’s not impossible, but the task is quite hard.

Handshake Booboos

Secret handshakes don’t always flow so smoothly, though. In 2012, President Obama wanted to hand a coin to Sgt. Kristie Ness before boarding the Marine One helicopter. Ness unfortunately dropped the coin delivery and President Obama bent to pick up the fallen coin. He placed the coin back in her hand and the two enjoyed a laugh about it. Today, his delivery is definitely smoother after the previous awkward exchange.

A Tradition Upheld

Not all challenge coins are handed over via secret handshakes, but this gesture has become one of those traditions valued by a lot of people. The root of this was said to be during the Second Boer War; South African colonists and the British fought during the turn of the 20th century.

A lot of soldiers of fortune were hired by the British for this conflict but because of their mercenary status, they can’t earn medals of valor. Commanding officers would however receive the accommodation.Because of this, some stories came out that non-commissioned officers would go inside tents of unjustly awarded officers and their medals would be cut from the ribbon. After which, in public ceremonies, the deserving mercenary will be called forward, the medal put on the palm of his hand as they shake hands as a method of silently paying gratitude for what he contributed and for his service.

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Meetings and events are diverse in their own ways depending on the purpose and structure. These can be a convention, seminar or an internal meeting. All these gatherings have a theme that needs to be shared to the target audience. Effective delivery of the message will eventually lead to a successful event.

keynote speakersAside from identifying the right logistics for a gathering, one of the critical tasks in event organizing is choosing the best keynote speakers. Not all professionals are effective speakers. Even some experts can’t clearly express their ideas and thoughts. To resolve this dilemma, companies and other organizations are hiring qualified individuals who could deliver the message on their behalf.

These speakers are responsible in communicating the message of an entire event to the audience. It is very important that the chosen speaker can capture the essence of the gathering in a short time. Usually, these speakers are given 45-minutes to an hour to deliver a keynote or speech related to the event’s theme. This is already a critical time for any events. The speaker’s talk can help set the mood for the entire event or possibly ruin it.

Effective keynote speakers can create rapport with the audience. This will entice the participants to be active in the entirety of the event. The speaker can even encourage participants to be enthusiastic and excited for the activities lined up for the rest of the event.

Companies and other event organizers are meticulous in choosing their speakers. The institutions are making sure the message that they want to imply will be captured by the resource speaker. Inviting well-known keynote speakers can also draw attention from the public. For example, a successful entrepreneur or a-well known author can be a good option as a resource speaker depending on the purpose of the event.

By inviting well-known speakers, this will help a certain event attract more attendees. People will love to hear what the speakers have to share. People would love to listen to the tips that the speakers can recommend. Other factors such as professional achievements and industry-related expertise are also considered.

Identifying the right keynote speakers depends on the type and purpose of the event. A speaker for a commencement exercise should be an expert of a specific industry. He should be able to share success stories and inspire the newly graduates. Same goes for speakers in a book convention; they should have in-depth knowledge in writing and publishing books. It is important that the speaker can relate to the event, so that he can give an appropriate speech. This way, the audience will be convinced that the speaker truly knows what he is sharing.

Nowadays, people find seminars and conventions boring and dull. People get tired and jaded once the event starts bombarding them with a lot of talks. Perhaps, one of the reasons would be an inappropriate speaker. Sometimes, corporations and other institutions are tempted to invite popular individuals due to marketability purposes. Typically, it will gather attention but the goal of imparting knowledge to the public won’t be attained.

Event organizers should always consider the knowledge that a speaker can impart to the audience. The participants value a seminar if the speaker was able to share his expertise. The participants find it as a pleasant experience when they feel satisfied and nurtured at the end of an event.

Keynote speakers play an important role in seminars, meetings and conventions. They become the instruments in conveying a message in a charismatic and witty manner. A simple message, if shared in a creative way, can leave a strong and lasting impact to the target audience.